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Administrative Assistant - NIH

Bethesda, MD
Global Solutions Network (GSN), a federal government contracting firm, presents this position supporting GSN's customer at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This position provides a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits.

If interested, please provide an up-to-date resume.

Technical Requirements:

Communication and Support for Participants in the Medical Research Scholars (MRSP) Program

  • Organization of the move in and move out process for incoming and outgoing MRSP participants.
  • Assigns apartments for participants residing in NIH Building 60 apartments based on arrival dates and type of apartment.
  • Develops schedule for arrivals and departures.
  • Review and update housing agreement for MRSP participants.
  • Develops communication strategies to effectively and efficiently provide regular updates to scholars related to repairs, inspections, evacuation and fire drills, pest management, smoke detector tests, building feasibility studies.

Building 60 Apartment and Maintenance Oversite

  • Review both the MRSP maintenance SharePoint site and ORF maintenance dashboard to ensure all reported maintenance issue by MRSP participants are dictated in the ORF maintenance dashboard.
  • Ensure MRSP maintenance SharePoint site is up to date with status of maintenance repairs.
  • Maintain and organize all apartment data, including but not limited to: types of appliances, square footage of each apartment, furniture.
  • Perform apartment walkthroughs prior to MRSP participant arrival to identify any malfunctioning. appliances and/or needed repairs related to furniture, appliances, carpeting, flooring, doors, locks, keys, plumbing and electrical outlets.
  • Perform apartment walkthroughs at the time of MRSP participant departure to ensure participants have maintained apartments in accordance with the housing agreement.
  • Coordinate with Pest Management to resolve any insect or rodent issues reported by MRSP participants.
  • Schedule and maintain housekeeping services performed by cleaning company.
  • Develop documents, spreadsheets, and other work products related to overall administrative support for Building 60.

Serves as Liaison between Office of Research Facilities (ORF), MRSP Administrator(s), and MRSP Participants

  • Meet with ORF representatives regularly review, evaluate and develop effective processes to ensure timely completion of maintenance repairs and response to emergent situations.
  • Coordinate with ORF for apartment and program MRSP common area maintenance repairs, pest inspections, etc.
  • Provides regular updates to MRSP Administrator(s) regarding any housing related concerns.
  • Reports any communication difficulty between MRSP participants and/or ORF.
  • Notify MRSP Administrator(s) of any emergent maintenance issues within Building 60.
  • Communicate with MRSP Administrator(s) to share daily summary of housing and maintenance tasks.


  • Minimum of an Associate’s degree and two (2) years of related work experience
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Evidence of excellent customer service

Global Solutions Network, Inc. (GSN) is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. It is the policy of the GSN to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected US veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

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